Topics about hardware

Using 2.5'HDD in server machine

I used 2.5'HDD in server machine. It runs almost 650 days. Then it broke. I told this fact to my friend and said. "Hi, I used 2.5'Hdd. But it is not good HDD. It broke only in 650 days." Then friend laughed and said. "No, it is good HDD. You used ordinary HDD. Perhaps, it is the disk for note pc, not for server machine. I think it is quite good HDD."
"Oh,,, yes!" I said. The disk was very good. Although it is not for server (24Hours non stop running), it runs almost 650 days. The name of this HDD is Western Digital 3200BEVT.

Server management in cold city

I changed my house in april, 2013. I once more started my server since autum in 2014. Until 2013 CPU of my server was TDP 65W, quite hot CPU.(^^;;
I also changed CPU in summer-autumn 2014. This time it is intel core-i3, TDP 35W CPU. It is not so hot CPU. My house was in hot city in pacific ocean side of japan untill april 2014. Sometimes it becomes 40 degree (C) in summer. Oh,, it's too hot!

But,,,,now,,,, my house is in cold city! It becomes almost -15 degree (C) in winter. Very cold is'nt it?
In this situation, management of CPU (or server machine) means keep server warm.
So, I often turn on FF-heater in server room althogh there is no person. (2 hours in a day or 2days)
Or,,, I often used foot warmer for server machine.
From Dec, 2014 to May, 2015, my server has kept running in this cold city with these measures (warmer).
The result was good. No trouble has occured.

But in winter, I could not use my printer (ink jet printer). The reason may be too cold. So I kept printer in living room not in server room. (I don't use server room from December to May because of some reason. I'm busy in winter season.)

Use SSD in server

I started to use SSD (solid state disk) in server machine. Server is 24Hs 365days running. (autumn in 2014)
First, I thought "I should report SSD's durability". But now, you can find many report about durability of SSD in INTERNET.
If you search "SSD durability" in google, you find many report. According to these report, SSD is reliable to use.
It must be a conclusion !!
So, I decided not to report of SSD's reliability and durability. Sorry.....
Server in my website is fully nice condition. SSD is no trouble. thank you (^^)

(May, 2017) My server has run through winter. This is the first time for my server.
Because it is very cold in this city, I used electric warmer. I show pictuers.

My server. It is now on the floor in order to take pictures. But usually, it is on PC-rack.
I bought this PC-case more than 10 years ago. It is book type case. I can use full height interface card in this case. it is usefull.


I put electric warmer on server. 21W warmer.


And, I put bath towel on server to warm it.


In this way, my server has run through winter. It's OK !

Electoric current of server

I measured electric current by clamp meter. (winter in 2014)

Core i3 3220T is really low electricity consumption. These values are just only measured values. (No power factor)

Intel-NUCs for internet-servers (Nov, 2017)

My internet-servers were BOOK type computers. But now, I bought 2 intel NUCs for internet-server.
So, I changed my internet-servers from book type computers to intel NUCs.
Next I changed servers (PC3 PC4) from tower-type-computer to book-type-computer.
So I don't need mid-tower-type PCs (PC3 and PC4) anymore. I disposed 2 PC-cases with power supply.
Now my server space becomes clean. I feel it becomes wide.(^^)


This is new server in private LAN (PC3). It has DAT72 drive in 5 inches bay.


These are just intel NUCs. They are on electric heater. It is cold in this city. It becomes -15 degrees (centigrade) in winter.


It is easy to install Slackwar into NUC. But it is necessary to decide OS selection correctly. If it is not correct, then Linux does not work in NUC.(^^;;;;
I show you the picture of BIOS setting bellow. This picture shows OS selection.
Boot --> boot configuration --> OS selection
I choosed Linux in this picture. But it is hard to see, sorry.(^^;;;
Now Slackware runs well in NUC. It is OK !


Now, at last , I messured electoric current. I bought wat-monitor bellow. It is good device and not expensive.


The rusult

PC1 (same with PC2)


PC4 with no DAT drive

I use Silver-Stone 300W SFX power supply in book-type-computers. But this result shows I can use 100W or 150W power supply.
It will be enough. (^^)

Does intel NUC run well in winter in this cold city ? ---- > This is the problem !