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This chapter is closed.

Chap-2.about dynamic DNS

May be, you think it's too late to explain dynamic DNS. But it is interesting to know how to make tool of dynamic DNS by perl. So, let me explain. There is also source code of dynamic DNS tool written in scheme programing language.

Chap-3.Let's find time server

This chapter is closed.

Chap-4.Making access counter

How to make access counter. It's not so difficult if I borrow source code of indicating numbers to display.

Chap-5.Strange monitors? or strange graphic chip sets in CPUs ?

This chapter is closed.

Chap-6.Topics related to Slackware.

This chapter is closed.

Chap-7.Compile apache and postfix in FreeBSD 10.x (from original source code)

I want apache and postfix to be contemporary state. Server software should be current state. So, it is better to build server software from original source, rather than from FreeBSD package or FreeBSD ports.
In FreeBSD 7.x and 8.x, it was easy to build them from original source. But it is quite complex (or difficult) to build them in FreeBSD 10.x.
So, I show hints here.

Chap-8.Comparison between scheme implementations (UNIX system interfaces)

Sometimes, system interfaces are necesary to write scripts. But these interfaces depend on each implementation.
Here, I compare system interfaces in several scheme implementation. It is quite interesting, isn't it? (^^)

Chap-9.Topics about hardware

Sevral hardware topics

I changed my house in april 2013. It is very cold in new city!

Chap-10.Shooting game in scheme

Scheme is usefull to make complicated algorithmic program. But it is not interesting to study [algorithm and data structure] hard. So I think I should make another practical program , such as shooting game in scheme.
Oh, please don't say that "shooting game is not practical program".(^^)
Here I show sample. Sorry, it is just only simple shooting game.
I made it by trial and error. So codes include verbose lines. Althogh you know this, please don't mind. Anyway the game runs.!!

Chap-11.Change Desktop Environment from Windows to PC-UNIX

My first unix experience was in 1992. That was ultrix (unix-system). Since that time I have enjoyed UNIXs. One UNIX Workstation and PCs with PC-UNIX.
My usages of UNIX are just for server and programing environment, not for desktop. I have used DOS and Windows as desktop PCs.
But!,,,,now I finally decide to change Desktop Environmet from Windows to PC-UNIX. Quit of Windows for me. But......can I do it well?

Link free

This website is link free.
But,,,,, don't blame me when I forget to renew website. Or sometimes I stop my server.(shutdown)
Because I am often busy to spend time for another things.
Another things mean sports, listen to music, be free and relax,,,,, and so on.
I like to be lazy and relax at home.(^^)

If you accept above, it is link free.

Change log

Past records of CPUs and Operating Systems of this website.

I changed CPUs and operating systems several times. Here I show these past record of CPUs and OSs that I used in this website.
Although I have started to use some kind of UNIX system from 1992, I omit that past record.


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